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WDS - Transport & Logistics Event, Mai 2015, München

05 May 2015

Customs in control ! That is the motto of Waalhaven Douane Service (WDS). Based at Rotterdam’s Waalhaven, the company also has offices in Born.

Neutral partner for full customs handling

Waalhaven Douane Service advises companies on customs procedures and takes care of all the related administrative processes. As the company is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), it has all the required simplifications for customs authorisations and it is permitted to act as a fiscal representative. As a result, customs matters are dealt with swiftly and cost-effectively.

Customs in control ! That is the motto of Waalhaven Douane Service (WDS). Based at Rotterdam’s Waalhaven, the company also has offices in Born. In Germany WDS works together with an agent in Hamburg. WDS is part of the Waalhaven Group, a cluster of logistics companies focused on the handling of containers. General manager Alwin Koolen of WDS explains the importance of correctly arranging customs procedures: “Companies encounter customs for imports, exports and transit cargo. This requires specialist knowledge about the applicable laws and regulations. Now and, following the implementation of the new UCC (Union Customs Code), certainly also in the future. We have this knowledge.We advise companies on customs matters and provide a full range of services for customs formalities and related matters.” According to Alwin Koolen, many companies still consider customs clearance as a necessary evil, the last link in the chain: ‘time to draw up the paperwork’. “But arranging the customs formalities should in fact come first in the logistics chain.It is a separate profession, a craft, a specialty ! Timely data flows, good communications and proper processing are of great importance to avoid penalties and the subsequent recovery of duties as a result of post-import audits.”

AEO, IT and Fiscal Representative

WDS is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and with that meets all the applicable legal obligations. “We therefore consider it our duty to inform companies of potential fiscal risks during the processes,” says Alwin Koolen.

"In addition to the fixed connections with customs and terminals, our IT systems are often also innovatively linked with those of our clients. These innovations are the result of interaction with our clients and can lead to fully digital communications, without a paper flow. We maintain short but open lines of communication so that declarations are clear and companies are informed and not confronted with surprises afterwards.”

In addition, WDS specialises in limited fiscal representation (LFR). "LFR allows companies to import goods without direct payment of VAT (deferral). WDS offers various solutions for importing goods, temporarily storing them and distributing them in the EU using LFR and VAT deferral. This method can result in lower costs, greater flexibility and a favourable cash flow.”